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Here is a news story about the book. 



No time for postcards book launch Melbourne


So we had a soft book launch in November in Melbourne. Click here to view a few pictures.





Putting your own book together

So you want to write a book. Here are a few tips to get you started.


lavaLava down the hill 

It never ends like you earlier thought. Stories are like lava rolling down the hill. Often they take their own path and there isn’t much you can do, except keep writing. So I thought I had this great idea for a good story, this later became, No Time for Postcards.


typingThe process 

Writing books takes so long. You have an idea. You draft. You draft again. Some proofreaders assist. You draft. Another proofreader, more errors found. Try another draft. Then when you think you’re close, you realize that a whole section stinks and needs changes. These changes have an impact on the earlier and later chapters. Therefore new changes are made for the good, but it’s natural to also add some errors without knowing. At this stage, you could go back to the start of this paragraph, back to where it all started and go through this process again. It’s mentally tiring and a lonely game. My forearms are spat. But then you find some magic, a flow of words in a worldly location that you’ve put a character in, and this is exciting. The best part is there are few boundaries, well actually none. That’s the joy in writing, and why we get inspired to do it again. Well, that’s what I have found.